Wednesday, November 6, 2013

november breeze

Hey it has been a long time since the last post was published


Yeah, now i'm here studying in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus which is situated in Bandar Sunway, one of the coolest and up-to-date high-technology urban universities I have ever met. 

the friends are super duper cool too :)

 On the last day of Mr. Henry Soo's chemistry lab class :)
* most of my classmates went home earlier to celebrate a one week holiday as well as Diwali

we miss you aizza huehuehue

 * the craziest buddy i ever had

 Heyy, we're HS4

  meet alan, the real kind and responsible class representative and vincent
(green shirt)

 the other half of HS4 :)

 berjoli haha

Casa Subang in memory :(

life has never been easy. i need strength. i need people to support me. i'm vulnerable and yes i'm aware of that :'(

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

way of braces part 1

i truly respect those who wear braces :D

these people can actually endure such excruciating pain that no one can comprehend . hahaha^^

let me tell you . first , you'll have to spend a fortune for the services unless you want the government to serve you . and the government is not gonna be nice to you . so the pain is doubled , perhaps tripled . as you see , you actually pay for the services . the more you pay , the lesser the pain , the faster you get perfect alignment of teeth

then , you will have to sacrifice teeth for extraction . four or less if you're lucky . the arrangement of teeth to perfection needs space . 

then , you'll have to live in blood as your tooth is extracted . it needs time to recover . the blood clotting and stuff 

the appointment with dentist can be quite stressful sometimes . he has to attend to many other clients apart from you . so you have to be patient . relax your time will eventually come . mind you , i've to wait for at least a month before i can actually put on those braces :D 

okay penat . esok laa sambung :p

Sunday, May 19, 2013

battle scars

hell , i'm madly in love with this song . okay , tau laa lagu ni dah lame . i mean tahun lepas kuar kan . tapi serius tak bosan dengar hahahaha ^^ totally fit my emotion to the fullest woohoo

guy sebastian's voice is superb . he's the man with the voice. with the rap and stuff omaigod so freaking awesome 

and i don't love singers , but i love good songs :D

Thursday, May 16, 2013

last gathering, probably ?

muke excited jumpe kek hahaha

woo-hoo :D

strike a pose bebeh haha :p

sleeping beauties ? what d'you think ?

okay i'm gonna miss them a lot . huhuhu the eight of us . i meant it :'(